Test Fit ($60.00)

*In order to assure quality and consistency, all items featured within a kit or kits cannot be separated/divided.

Paper Test Fit - Boat models with existing kits within our database can be browsed here: https://gatorstep.com/buy-now

Mylar template kit - If there are no existing templates for your boat in our database above, you can order a mylar template kit + instructions from here: https://gatorstep.com/template-kits

Install Dealers - Alternatively, you can browse through our list of install dealers who can take care of all of this for you here: https://gatorstep.com/store-locator

*Not all models will have the full kit readily available for a paper test fit. We advise you to browse the selection above to see what is available for your model before purchasing. Since not all PTF kits include the full selection of parts, a sheet 48 x 84 in. Mylar and instructions will be included with each kit so additional parts can be traced if needed.

Refunds are not available. The base price of $60 will be taken off of your final purchase of GatorStep material when approved.

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