Malibu | 22MXZ | 2017-2018

*In order to assure quality and consistency, all items featured within a kit or kits cannot be separated/divided.

*Due to Manufacturer inconsistencies, some parts on this model require a paper test fit prior to production.

Standard Features

*Custom designs are created by our design team specifically for you and will require longer lead times

Optional Features

(+33% to parts cost)
(+22% to parts cost)
Top colors Navy, Black and Pearl cannot be laser etched.

Parts *

Swim Step Version *

Due to Malibu’s extensive catalog and the wide availability of third-party swim steps, we want to ensure your swimstep will be a perfect fit. Please consult our Malibu Swim Step Guide to all of our available swim steps to choose your version. If you are not sure about your version, or your swimstep is not listed in our guide, please contact us when placing your order. View our guide here: Malibu Swimstep Guide

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Additional Notes

Extras: Hula Boat Care

In partnership with Hula Boat Care, this ready-to-use cleaner is perfect for maintaining and prepping for your new Gatorstep! Adds Hula Boat Care product to your order:

RAD Marine Clean All & Protect #5 is Biodegradable and Phosphate Free. This cleaner is safe around water and is excellent for cleaning dirt, grime, blood, and grease from Fiberglass, Carpet, Vinyl, EVA Foam and Metal surfaces. Treated areas will be protected with a UV and Mildew resistant coating.

This product is also part of Hula Boat Care’s Boat Interior Detailing Kit. For further Hula Boat Care products, click: here

Middle Color, Laser Texture and Custom Pattern Design Costs


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