Waterproof Material

GatorStep is made from a closed cell EVA foam and is therefore completely waterproof.

Stain Resistant

GatorStep floors are resistant to most stains and oil and require very little maintenance other than sweeping up debris, wiping up spills, and cleaning with mild soap and water from time to time.

Mixing the Cleaning Solution

For your soap solution, tests determine that approx. 1 Tbsp. of Dawn dish- soap to every gallon of water used is adequate to provide a sufficient cleaning mixture. Be sure to rinse well after cleaning to remove any excess soap from the surface.

Tough Stains?

For really stubborn stains, it is determined that degreaser based products work safely to clean and remove. The product proven the most effective in our testing is the concentrated CitraSolv cleaner & degreaser. It is only recomended to use harsher degreaser products if diluted and as a last resort.

Timing Matters

Keep in mind that the longer dirt and grime sit on a surface, the more difficult the surface can be to clean.

*We recommend cleaning soon after any heavy use and further as needed.