Laser etched graphics may vary from size and scope depending on the project and the parts we are laser ecthing onto. Here are  a few things to consider when we are using a laser to reproduce your artwork or texture..


Laser etching onto the darker colors such as Navy or Black does not leave any contrast on the image. Therefore it can be hard to see the graphics at certain angles or in low light situations.

Pearl Laser

We do not recommend any laser etching on the Pearl color as it can turn the material green. While this may be an acceptable look to some, most customers have indicated that this is not the look that they had expected.


We do not recommend any laser etching on any of the Blue Camo, Green Camo, and Gray Camo colors. The finished result looks like a stain on the material and the image is hard to see.

One of the main reasons we have to laser etch graphics for our customers is because their images are small or very detailed. When this occurs the laser etching is the only option to reproduce the graphics. Even at that point we have some limitations on size. If your logo has to be recreated with letter forms or graphics that are smaller than 1/8” then we might run into problems with those areas. The words might become illegible and turn into a blob. The art work will just blend together and create a blob as well. The smaller and more detailed the graphics become, the harder it is to create an etching that looks decent. This is especially important to consider on parts that are small in size.